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Fortunate to have lived in various states and countries throughout my adult life, those experiences have shaped my perspective. As I have met people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures, it has shown me that we share common hardships and heartaches of life.


The stories I write are much like life. Though they demonstrate relatable struggles, they also show the hope we can have in Christ in the midst of those struggles.


It is my prayer that these stories will touch your heart, and point you to the only God who loved us enough to send his son to die for us, so that we might one day live with Him in eternity.


I've been working on house projects these past many months, and repurposing furniture; turning vanities into nightstands, adding wheels to drawers of dilapidated dressers for under bed storage, and painting furniture to give them a more modern and updated look.

Old furniture isn't popular these days, but it is usually well made, and a little elbow grease can go a long way.

In my book A Furrow So Deep, the main character Dean tackles house projects of his own. Some of those projects also provide valuable Biblical lessons. 


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