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I'm so glad you stopped by. If you have a moment, I've included a little information about how I got started as a writer...

My Story

I grew up in Tennessee, a land full of hills and valleys, which is much like life.

My first writing attempt took place when I was in high school, and I dabbled in poetry. In my early twenties, I put together a few short stories, and outlined a novel or two that has yet to be put on paper.

By the time I was thirty, I finished one of those stories, but continued to work on developing it for more than a decade before it was published under the title of A Furrow So Deep. In the interim of completing that book and its publication, my husband and I had two children, expanding our home though the logistics of our whereabouts was ever-changing.

In North Carolina I earned a BS in Business Administration and Political Science, then after moving overseas I earned a MS in Multinational Commerce from Boston University. Naturally, the places and people I met, in the many places we lived, influenced my writing.

During the years, raising children, exploring a few avenues to put my degrees to work, I began to seek a deeper relationship with Christ, and the discovery of inductive studies of the Bible, which answered my search, and redirected every aspect of my life.

Though pursing the life of a writer remains a challenge, I continue to read fiction, study the Bible, which inspires stories of redemption.

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