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2023 in reflection

It was a year for everything; highs, and lows with ordinary days between.

We soaked in profound joy with the arrival of a new addition to the family. The days and weeks that followed filled our hearts as memories were made, and copious pictures filled our phones.

When we couldn't be near our sweet little bundle of love, we resumed routines, fulfilled scheduled commitments at church, and planned for various celebrations like birthdays, family visits, and holidays. When the announcement of another baby was expected, our excitement was sparked once again.

The highs of such blessings remain a constant source of joy, and serve to remind us of God's goodness, especially when we are faced with a season of mourning from the loss of loved one.

As Ecclesiastes says, there's a time for everything, and this past year has proven that truth. Thank goodness the LORD is ever constant from whom we can draw strength.


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