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Book review: Georgia Rae Winston Mysteries By Marissa Shrock

I love cozy mysteries. Since this series was written by a Christian Author I've met and would have elements of faith, I picked up the first book in the series, Deadly Harvest. Subsequently, I have added the other books released in the series.

Like most cozy mysteries, these books center around an amateur sleuth following clues that will lead to uncovering the person responsible for a crime, which is usually a murder.

Credible plots for this genre can be tricky. In other words, protagonists who stumble over bodies and clues don't always work for me, but this series doesn't do that.

Georgia Rae is an Indiana farm girl with the motivation to "get involved" because her father's murder remains unsolved. Since his death, she's been sharpening her detective skills looking for leads. The author uses her father's passing and other elements in Georgia Rae's life to weave in believable and thought-provoking spiritual threads. In addition, each mystery unfolds just enough to keep you turning to the next page. Add humor, wit, and a little romance, and that makes this series a must read recommendation.

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