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Book Review of Smoke Screen by Terri Blackstock

One father was murdered. Another was convicted of his death. All because their children fell in love.

Nate Beckett has spent his life fighting wildfires instead of the lies and rumors that drove him from his Colorado hometown. His mother begs him to come back now that his father has been released from prison, but it isn’t until he’s sidelined by an injury that he’s forced to return and face his past. But that means facing Brenna too.

Fourteen years ago, Nate was in love with the preacher’s daughter. When Pastor Strickland discovered Brenna had snuck out with Nate, the fight between Strickland and Nate’s drunken dad was loud–and very public. Strickland was found murdered later that night, and everyone accused Roy Beckett. When the church burned down not long after, people assumed Nate set the fire to get even for his father’s conviction. He let the rumors fly and left town without looking back.

Brenna is stunned to learn that the man convicted of murdering her father has been pardoned. The events of that night set her life on a bad course, and now she’s fighting a brutal custody battle with her ex and his new wife, in which he’s using lies and his family’s money to sway the judge. Brenna is barely hanging on, and she’s turned to alcohol to cope. Shame and fear consume her.

As Nate and Brenna deal with the present–including new information about that fateful night and a wildfire that’s threatening their town–the past keeps igniting. Nate is the steady force Brenna has so desperately needed. But she’ll have to learn to trust him again first.

First, let me say, the most obvious answer isn't always the right one.

I'm a fan of Terri Blackstock's writing. She has the ability to weave a mystery that has me turning the next page, and Smoke Screen is no exception.

I downloaded the audio version of this book to listen while I traveled. My husband and I took turns trying to unravel the mystery surrounding our fictional leads, Nate and Brenna, interested about what would happen next, and Blackstock didn't disappoint with the clues she'd dropped throughout the story.

As usual, Blackstock added enough detail to our characters occupations and circumstances to make them relatable and real, character depth evident by how annoyed I got with Brenna from time to time. I wanted to shake some sense into her.

Overall, Smoke Screen was well written, suspenseful, with just enough romance to keep you engaged.

I definitely recommend that you add this to your must read list.


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