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Book Review of Something To Believe In by Jenny B. Jones

This review isn’t objective in the sense that I’m only going to say the story-line and writing is in my opinion unquestionably good. I have to disclose that it affected me on a personal level, even ministered to me.

There are five books in the Katie Parker series. I read the first three a couple of years ago, but hadn’t downloaded or read the fourth one, Something To Believe In, until now.

Normally, I read straight through a series, if I like it, but I didn’t read book four until now. Publication dates suggest that book five might’ve been released before book four, I don’t know, but I tend to believe God times certain things in our lives, even a fiction book we pick up.

As a quick backstory on this series, Katie Parker, a foster kid, gets adopted by a family when she’s in high school. Her mom, a drug addict, neglects Katie to the point that she ends up in foster care before landing in a place called In Between with the Scotts, a minister and his wife. Each installment of the series is about Katie’s adjustment to her new life, and Jones delivers typical challenges with insight, a good amount of humor, and a touch of romance. The fourth book is no different.

In Something to Believe In, Katie’s bio mom dies. Sorry if that’s a bit of a spoiler, but I promise I haven’t spoiled the emotions and fallout that goes with it. I found myself crying with Katie in following pages.

Death of people we love hurts. Unresolved issues with someone who hurt us in the relationship doesn’t go away when they die…they can fester, rearing a whole category of emotional loose threads, but God can provide peace, and Jones does a good job of leading Katie to understand that.

I highly recommend this book. But do yourself a favor and read the whole series from the beginning.

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