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Book Review of Warped Remains

Reading the premise of this book, I was certain it would be a page turner. And it did not disappoint.

Emily Sheffield's parents are the worst. Okay, maybe Emily has been erratic and her behavior a little reckless lately, but shipping her off to live with her grandparents in Alaska is so much worse than she deserves. At least she gets to spend her layover with the cute boy on the same flight. If she has to leave everything and everyone she knows, she might as well make some new-and cute-friends, right?

For Aiden Cohen, life in Alaska is perfect--good grades, great friends, an awesome church, and work he loves. There's just one thing missing: his mom. Desperate to know her, Aiden sets out to find the woman who abandoned him at birth. But a disastrous first meeting with his birth mom, leaves Aiden stunned and ready to go back to his ordinary life in Alaska. And with fate finding Aiden and Emily on the same flight, he couldn't be happier. If only he can convince her that God is real, everything would be perfect.

Everything seems to be going well--until a confusion on the runaway prevents the plane from landing. Circling the runway should have been simple, but when the plane hits a bad patch of turbulence, throwing it off-course, the pilots lose control. The plane crashes, leaving Emily, Aiden, and two dozen other passengers stranded on a creepy island. Surviving and hoping for rescue are their primary goals, but the least of their troubles. They aren't the only ones on the island, and it's now a race against time for someone to find them before the island's inhabitants do. But there are people willing to do anything to keep the island's true purpose a secret--even if it means sacrificing the lives of the survivors.

Jemal and Miller have written from the perspective of teenagers that are believable and well-developed, which is challenging, but they've also delivered this nail-biting story with an amazingly seamless voice, as if written by one author.

Without giving away any spoilers, be prepared to be plunged into chaos right away. On the flip side, the authors did a good job of slowly revealing Emily's and Aiden's background throughout. If you're looking for a story that will keep you wondering what happens next, pick this one up.

If I had a complaint, it would be that I wanted more at the end...or perhaps there is more in the works:)


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