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Changing The Way We Talk

Have you ever wondered how social media became this generation’s premier choice of relational communication? That’s it’s easier to text than call?

After reading a story dated in the early seventies I pondered how the technology, at our fingertips, has changed us. Sad to say, what should aid our ability to communicate with each other has perhaps unintentionally warped it.

Why do I think that?

From distant perches, we start, maintain, and dissolve relationships—our virtual communication scaling anywhere from an inconvenient interruptions to obsessive contact. And while the ability to write and rewrite responses might seem genuinely helpful, it shouldn’t trump phone calls and face to face interactions.

I get the perks. I really do, but I refuse to be one of those individuals sitting a restaurant table looking more at my phone than who I am with. I’ve had a few phone-focused meals, and I don’t care to repeat the experience.

Technology may change the way we do things, but we don’t have to let it change the way we treat each other, which may mean some old-fashioned communication is in order.


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