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Christmas in July Celebration and My Christmas Hope

It's been a busy month celebrating 2018 holiday releases with other authors. Thanks to everyone for stopping by to get a early peek of what we can expect.

As my last installment, I'm going to share a few thoughts on Christmas traditions and tell you a little about my novella, My Christmas Hope, releasing in November.

Christmas, as we know, is the time we recognize Christ's birth. My favorite part is attending a Christmas Eve Service and the reading of Luke. I happen to like hearing Linus share this except of scripture on Charlie Brown's Christmas special every year.

But most of us have other traditions we share with family or friends. Things like decorating a tree, hanging stockings by the fireplace, wrapping and exchanging gifts, and one or more special holiday dinners.

Other festive activities may include making cookies, watching all time famous movies like It's A Wonderful Life, White Christmas, or Meet Me in St. Louis, just to hear Judy Garland sing Have yourself A Merry Little Christmas.

It's often the little things we do with those we love that make the season extra special.

While traditions may bear a resemblance, they're not always the same.

I remember spending Christmas Day in a motel room because of a move, and in an amusement park during a family vacation, and another time on the beach. Those experiences were fun, and I was with my family, but Christmas felt a little different. I think we missed our silly traditions.

The point is if you're used to decorating Douglas firs, or Blue Spruces...a Palm tree wouldn't be the same. And if you're hoping for a White Christmas, blue skies on a hot day might not fit the bill. Sometimes, we simply have to readjustment our expectations.

In My Christmas Hope, Michael Hennessy moves to Florida with his eight year old son, Jimmy, in need of some lasting Christmas cheer. Fortunately, they meet Hope, their quirky neighbor who is willing to help Jimmy embrace new holiday traditions in a place that looks nothing like Ohio. Is it possible such an endeavor will be the catalyst for love?

Watch for the release and you'll see!

The setting of this story takes place in West Palm Beach, Florida. And believe it or not they celebrate Christmas in a big way. Tree lightings, the Festival of Trees, boat parades with fireworks, and events with Santa are only a few of the traditions you'll find among these merry residents. And as a special treat City Place provides a little white Christmas with nightly “Snowfalls”.

Stay tuned for my cover reveal and the release of My Christmas Hope November 2018 with Anaiah Press! (Clink on their link for the latest news.)

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