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Christmas in July Celebration welcomes Christmas in Meadow Creek

Welcome back to “Christmas in July”!

Today, my guest is Katy Eeten, author of Blast From Her Past, a sweet romance of second chances you will want to check out. Today, however, we’ll be talking with her about her upcoming Christmas novella Christmas in Meadow Creek. Welcome Katy, thanks for helping me celebrate “Christmas in July.”

Thanks for having me, Penelope! I really enjoyed writing this novella and have fallen in love with the main characters. I’m excited for the rest of the world to meet them. 😊

I’m looking forward to meeting them, too! If you don’t mind sharing a little background with us, tell us how long you’ve been writing.

I’ve been writing for fun ever since I was a kid. I decided to try my hand at a full-length novel in my mid-twenties, but it never went anywhere, and I more or less put writing to the side for a few years after my kids were born. I finally signed my first publishing contract last year with Anaiah Press for my Christian romance Blast From Her Past.

I know Blast From Her Past is a fairly new release so Congratulations! Amazon link to check it out. How was tackling a novella different from writing the full length novel?

Things went a lot smoother and more quickly for me with Christmas in Meadow Creek. A novella is much shorter, lighter, and less in-depth than a novel, and it helped immensely that I’d recently gone through the extensive editing process with my novel. The words flowed almost effortlessly onto the page, the editing was less overwhelming than before, and I really enjoyed the process from start to finish.

That was my experience writing a novella, too. And the Christmas season can be very romantic. Don't you just love the holidays? Let’s talk about Christmas in Meadow Creek. Can you share a little about the setting you chose? And Why?

I chose the small, fictional town of Meadow Creek, Wisconsin. The setting is crucial to the story, as the heroine recently escaped the big city for somewhere quieter and simpler. I love romances set in small towns, and I live in Wisconsin so I thought it would be neat to write about somewhere in my home state, even if it isn’t a real place.

The cover art isn’t ready yet, but I envision a snowy town square scene, similar to what you’d see in a Thomas Kinkade painting.

I agree, I love small town romances, and Thomas Kinkade paintings are so picturesque. Without giving away too much, tell us your favorite part of this particular story.

My favorite part is the connection the two main characters, Lincoln and Sarah, share. They run into each other several times before going on an actual date, and by then the chemistry is strong. That first date is probably my favorite scene.

Sounds intriguing! What would you say best describes the theme of Christmas in Meadow Creek?

The overall theme is trusting in God’s timing, but it also focuses on the importance of family and the idea that Home is more about who you are with than where you are located.

I love that. Thanks for giving us a sneak peek of what we can expect. I’m looking forward to reading it. Check out Katy’s social media links listed below, and stay tuned for the cover reveal of Christmas in Meadow Creek coming soon!

Author Bio:

Katy Eeten lives in southeast Wisconsin with her husband and their two school-age sons. She works full time in the business world, but her true passion is writing. Her published works include Blast from Her Past and her upcoming novella, Christmas in Meadow Creek, both of which are contemporary Christian romances. When she’s not working or writing, she can be found taking walks, baking goodies, playing the piano, or spending time with her family.


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