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Letting Go

From the moment they were born, my instinct was to protect my children physically, emotionally, and most importantly, spiritually.

It's always been a balance for my husband and I; raising our children to respect and listen to guidance, yet giving them age appropriate opportunities to make decisions, even when we thought some could be mistakes. Our hope was that those mistakes would be beneficial if growth and understanding was gained in the process.

Just as cheering for a toddler who gets back up after they fall, missteps can teach us perseverance, patience, and maturity leading us toward a good outcome, which is a valuable principle for all situations and stages of life.

In the end, when a parent decides it's time to let go, love lifts the restraints in hopes of success. Our heavenly Father acts much the same with us. He wants us to love Him, to always listen to His guidance, but it's His love that ultimately lets us choose our own path, even if it's wrong, and away from Him.


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