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media Dysfunction

I have a confession of blog dysfunction. But let me back up a bit and explain.

Multiple times, I've read posts that stated in one form or another that pursuing the life of a writer was not for the faint of heart. I would agree.

In addition to creating a story with suspense, historical accuracy, action, or romance (depending on the genre), an author must develop a relatable cast of characters that will draw a reader into their world one chapter at a time. Having done that, self-editing and polishing is needed before testing the waters with a query/submission to a publisher.

In my experience, acceptance for publication meant a road to self-discovery and developing thick skin through editorial process, and I don't think my experience is unique.

I've appreciated everything I've learned, but the most stressful challenge I've yet to navigate adequately is the social media platforms necessary in today's market. For example, I've wrestled with figuring out why subscribers wouldn't be emailed whenever I've posted a new blog. Hopefully, I've corrected the problem, but previous subscribers will likely have to subscribe again. Sorry. Understanding the social media stuff doesn't comes easily.

Lastly, let your favorite authors know how they're doing. Most authors read the comments left on social media and reviews, because we want to make each story better than the last. I know I do!


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