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No place like home

Colorful leaves, crisp air, Charlie Brown specials and the Wizard of Oz remind of my childhood, and the iconic message Dorothy discovered…“There’s no place like home.”

I felt this loss of home a couple of weeks ago, while vacationing. Though I enjoyed the warm climate, palm trees, and Cuban inspired meals, none of it dispelled my longing for the familiar comforts of my personal space, and the soft bed that awaited me.

I agree with Dorothy, there really isn’t any place quite like home, and not because of the things I mentioned before. It's the feelings we associate with home—a safe place—a place we spend time with family and friends—a retreat from the world when we need it. Those feelings did give me an understanding of why our aging relations hold onto their homes with fervency, even when longer than practical.

Hopefully, when I’m too old to live alone, another safe space will be waiting, another place to call home, because home is so much more, than where we live.

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Quintin Snyder
Quintin Snyder
Sep 23, 2022

Great reading yoour blog post

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