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Renew, Refresh, and Renovate

I’m always amazed at the before and after pictures shown on home improvement shows. Visualizing the potential of a room or house then implementing the changes. In one hour or less, those changes, which look so easy on TV are realized into something new and beautiful.

In reality it took weeks of hard work.

I received six dining room chairs a few months ago. The upholstery was worn and dated, the finish darkened and scuffed from years of use.

My goal was renew them, which meant I had to paint, sand, distress, wax then finally buff each chair to satin sheen. It took about a week to do all six chairs. Each night, my back ached and my arms were sore, but I was determined to work hard until the job was done so I kept at it.

I also had the cushions reupholstered. After reattaching them, I had chairs similar to the ones I’d previously eyed in furniture stores, so the end result was worth it.

Nothing comes easy does it?

Renewing or renovating anything takes hard work and commitment. Lack of commitment will make the end sight of any project seem unattainable. I’ve learned this with some home renovation projects beyond my expertise.

While tangible projects like the ones I mentioned are easily measured, don’t we all have emotional and/or spiritual elements in our lives that need refreshing from time to time?

New Year’s resolutions often include a desire to revamp things in our lives—everything from time management to relationships. But renewing and refreshing those things will take just as much commitment and hard work as the tangible things on our list...maybe more. But the end result will be worth it.

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I love this! These turned out beautifully. What a great illustration, too! Can't wait to see your next project:)

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