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Review of Perfectly Imperfect

Several weeks ago, Kara Leigh Miller contributed a guest post regarding her inspiration behind her latest novel PERFECTLY IMPERFECT. Now that I’ve had a chance to read it, I wanted to post a review of this gem.

Not a fan of young adult fiction? Don’t let that stop you from adding this book to your ‘must read’ pile if you like romance. The chemistry and dialogue between Isabelle and Grayson hooked me from the start, and will likely spark your interest, too. And Miller does a great job of pulling you into their world, even if its been a few years since you walked any school halls.

Most significant, though this young adult story perfectly delivers all the angst of high school drama, it crosses into a broader audience with thematic issues of loss, addiction, complicated relationships, and putting up a good front when everything feels as though it’s falling apart. Threads of faith, forgiveness, and re-commitment are also woven through making this story both relatable and inspirational.

Isabelle Carson is charging into her senior year equipped with a handy checklist to ensure nothing goes awry. Things she didn't account for: a hot, new guy who almost runs her over, a messed up class schedule, and a boyfriend who dumps her for one of her best friends. All of that pales in comparison to the threat of her dirty family secrets breaking free from the perfect façade she’s diligently maintained since the death of her brother.

Grayson Alexander is on his fourth school in as many years. Lakewood Valley High is exactly like all the others, with one shiny exception: Isabelle Carson. She’s smart, funny, beautiful— the perfect package. But Isabelle is hiding something, and Grayson is determined to do whatever it takes to win her trust, except step foot in another hypocritical church.

As Isabelle’s life spirals out of control and her carefully crafted, picture-perfect image begins to shatter, Grayson does what no one else can: he makes her laugh and allows her to be imperfect. With rekindled faith, Isabelle sets out to right all the wrongs in her life. But Grayson has been damaged by his own family secrets, and Isabelle will have to decide if the boy she’s falling for more and more each day is a right or a wrong.

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