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Unanchored: An Interview with Stephanie Eding

Today I’m happy to have Stephanie Eding author of Unanchored on board!

Welcome Stephanie, and forgive my little pun. First let me congratulate you on the release of Unanchored, the cover is absolutely beautiful. I've been a huge fan of swashbucklers since I was a girl, so needless to say I loved the premise of this book.

Thank you so much, Penelope! I’m so excited to chat with you, and I can always appreciate a good pun!

Awesome:-) Before we get into the book I’d like to get to know you, if I could. How long have you been writing?

I used to write a lot of skits and short stories growing up—mostly fan fiction-y in nature. About five years ago, I started writing more seriously. I began my attempt with nonfiction, but I could never finish an idea. Fiction is what really got my heart pounding! My first two books were in a YA fantasy series about dreams and nightmares. It was great practice if nothing else!

Sounds fascinating, maybe we'll see those in print someday.

Here's something I'm curious about...When I write, I’m constantly self-editing, even while I’m writing a first draft. Does being a freelance editor affect you as a writer?

Ooooooh, yes! I wish it didn’t, but I have so much trouble just getting words onto the page! If I’m not stressing over commas, I’m fretting over character development! I have to constantly remind myself that there will be plenty of editing rounds to come, but I have to actually get the story out first!

That's actually encouraging. Now on to your book, Unanchored, when we first meet Cecily Hastings she’s a slave, who quickly becomes a captive. She’s a victim of circumstances, but she still came across having a strong spirit. How difficult was it to balance her outlook as a character facing those odds?

It was tough, but writing Cecily at this point in her life was kind of fun too. She’d really suffered a lot of hopelessness in her young life. When the story opens, she’s just about ready to make her break and start  a new life for herself. She’s dreamt of her freedom so long, she’s finally ready to grab it. So, when good ole Captain Worley comes along and snatches her up again, she just calls on that inner fire and defiance, because she’s a woman who has had enough!

Now that you mention Captain Worely, I'm reminded that some of my favorite Pirate Captains were Errol Flynn and Tyrone Power. What or who was the inspiration behind the character Captain Finnigan Worley?

Great question! The one that influenced me the absolute most was Captain Hook from Once Upon A Time. I loved him from the first moment he appeared. I am such a sucker for a good antihero, and he’s so villainous but has such a good heart underneath it all! I couldn’t get enough of that!

Yes, I liked Finnigan and his impressive command of his ship and crew. He had mad sword fighting skills. Did you research swordplay?

I’m that nerd that used to take apart brooms and “swordfight” with my siblings in the garage. But, yes, I really enjoyed watching good fight sequences to get some ideas! It’s such a wild thing! It’s both terrifying and exciting! It’s one of those skills I wish I had but am too afraid to learn. Ha! There is also a scene where Cecily learns to throw knives, and I did do personal research on that. My husband got me throwing knives for my birthday, and we had a blast learning how to throw them!

Wow! That's a daunting skill!

Last question, I understand there are two more books in this series, and I’m looking forward to reading other adventures Cecily and Finnigan must face, but can we expect more romance between them?

I’d have to say yes-ish! There are not always many opportunities for romance on a pirate ship, but they get to have their moments. J The second book definitely takes them down a new road, though, as Cecily finds out that Finn has a slightly bigger role in the pirate realm than she realized.

A conflict indeed! Thank you for joining me to discuss your book, Unanchored, Stephanie, it was quite the adventure! And best of luck on future sails!

Such a pleasure! Thank you, Penelope!

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Cecily Hastings fails to escape her captor when he gambles her away in a game of dice. Now, instead of getting her first taste of freedom, she’s rotting in a cell on the Hellbound, a pirate ship under the command of Captain Finnigan Worley. Cecily, however, has no plans of sticking around with a captain known for his heartless deeds.

As soon as they make port, Cecily attempts to alert the Royal Navy. While trying to get away, she stumbles upon Captain Worley liberating people from a life of abuse and servitude, which makes her question everything she thought she knew about the infamous buccaneer.

Soon she’s recaptured and taken back to the ship, and Cecily vows to figure out the captain’s humanitarian angle. The more she learns, the more she believes in his benevolent mission. With the Royal Navy closing in, she must decide if she’s willing to fight beside Captain Worley or turn him over to the gallows for a chance at her own freedom.

Author Bio: Stephanie Eding lives in Ohio with her husband Matt and child comedians Ross and Lizzie. She spends her days drinking coffee, working as an editor, and snuggling her three wild-eyed cats. Stephanie always wanted to be a pirate, but settled for writing about them to keep out of prison.

You can find Stephanie at:


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